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How is Pristine Roofing and Construction different from its competitors?

Did we mention we're incredibly attractive and charming and very humble?

Well, if you knew that already, we are also one of the most affordable, highest quality, and hardest working roofing crews out there. We get it. There are a ton of roofers in Amarillo, and even more options on who to trust. A lot of them are even really good at what they do. But none of them have the same combination of talent, experience, flexibility, and pricing as we do.

Do you provide emergency service?

We do provide emergency (expidited) services for a small fee.

Generally though, our turnaround for orders is faster than most other companies emergency speeds.

How much does a new roof in Amarillo cost?

A new roof in Amarillo can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $50,000 depending on the scale and what you need. But, you should almost never be paying for this out of pocket.

Most of our customers end up paying a fraction of this depending on what their insurance requires. Check out our blog post on this topic here to find out more!

What Do I Do If A Storm Damages My Roof?

In general, a storm can do some severe damage to your roof that you'll quickly notice. With that said, a lot of times, it requires a professional to perform a roof inspection to tell if your roof has been damaged. You would not believe the number of homes that have damage from a passing storm that would qualify for a new roof, but the homeowner is unaware.

We HIGHLY recommend giving us or any other reputable roofing company a call to come out and do an inspection. If we find damage that needs repairing, we'll help you navigate the process of making sure your roof is covered by insurance and you pay as little out of pocket as possible for your new and safer roof.

Check out our blog post on this topic here to find out more!

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