Our Team

Zane Pulley

Lead Roof Specialist

Meet Zane Pulley, our lead roof specialist!

Education: Associates degree in General Studies from Amarillo College & Graduate of WTAMU Bachelor of Healthcare Administration

Previous Work Experience: 6 years of roofing and construction field knowledge.

Family: Zane has a wonderful mom and dad who support him through anything life throws him, 3 younger siblings, and an amazing girlfriend of 1 ½ years.

Role at Pristine Roofing & Construction: "Zane is our go to guy in the roofing and construction sales aspect. He handles everything from start to finish and excels at everything that is thrown his way with a smile on his face. "

Hobbies: working out, golf, and taking his side by side out for joy rides.

What you love about Pristine Roofing & Construction: “What I like most about working with the team at Pristine is the level of trust and hustle everyone has. We are all very motivated to go out and take care of business and help our customers to the best of our ability. It’s good to have people you can count on and that will always have your back.”

Favorite Food: Chicago Style Pizza

Your Goals: “To always do better than the previous year, and continuously improve not only in customer relations but in life.”
Most Likely to: go above and beyond for the company and its customers.

What the owners have to say about Zane: “Zane is one of the most dependable, reliable, and trustworthy guys we have had on the team. Anytime we are in a bind we can call Zane and he will drop everything and get the job done. Zane goes above and beyond for his clients from start to finish. If you want someone who is going to be honest and work hard for you give Zane a call today!”

Lead Roofing Specialist (806) 382-5923